Project Partners

The Association EcoContact was registered on August 2nd, 2010 to support environmental improvements and partnerships for sustainable development of communities in Moldova, thus contributing to the formation of a responsible society respecting human rights and ensuring a favorable environment for the present and future generation. The main areas of activity are: public participation and access to information on environmental matters; supporting in drafting and advocating the policy documents on environment at local and national level, drafting and implementing environmental, civil society laws; establishing partnership and cooperation relations with stakeholders (authorities, business and NGOs); representing interest in international forums on environmental issues; promoting environmental values through the European integration. Starting with 2013 EcoContact is hosting the Environmental Consultation and Information Aarhus Center, created with support with OSCE Mission in Moldova.  The main areas of activity are divided into four main domains: Contributing to the implementation of the Aarhus Convention on access to information, public participation and access to justice on environmental matters; promoting sustainable development with a focus on: green economy, climate change/DRR, waste and chemical management and environmental education; Supporting elaboration and implementation of the environmental legal and policy framework; Ensuring organizational development of EcoContact. Recent projects also include: 2015 – ongoing “Organisation of capacity-building activities to support the implementation of the ECE Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Moldova.  (Phase III: SEA Pilot)” supported by UNECE; December 2014 – March 2016 “ Enforcing the Environmental Governance in Moldova by involving public in Environmental Impact Assessment (EAI) process.” UNDP Mission in Moldova; June 2014 – ongoing “Strengthening participatory governance by developing the capacities of CSOs, supported by FHI 360 / USAID. In partnership with UNENGO MAMA-86 EcoContact implemented in 2010 the project “Elimination of acute risks of obsolete pesticides in Ukraine and Moldova” supported by fMilieukontakt International (the Netherlands).

Public Association  “Ecohome” was founded in 1996. Nowadays it is a national wide civil society organization with 120 members. Its goal is the promotion of concepts and models of sustainable development and environmentally friendly life-style.

Main areas or work:

1) Protection of people’s rights for healthy environment: 1. Aarhus convention\ public participation in (environmental) decision-making; 2. Antinuclear campaign;

2) Education for sustainable development, including nature and environmental education;

3) Organic agriculture and permaculture — policy development and lobbying, practical support to farmers, training & education for farmers/gardeners;

4) Development of environmental and nature protection movement in Belarus — coordinating and facilitating networks of environmental and nature protection action groups, supporting new organisation with training and skills, joint project development with local environmental NGOs.

Ecohome helps citizens to claim their rights to a healthy environment in the court. Over the past 4 years initiated 29 court proceedings. 2 Ecohome lawyers are consulting permanently citizens. Ecohome take an active part in public participation in environmental decisions making: commenting drafts of law, holding public environmental expertise and public hearing; successfully implemented 27 project during last 15 years with support of Swedish, Norwegian, British, Netherlands, German partners and donors. Ecohome part of  EaP CSF since 2009. Took part in two Environmental Governance assessments of 6 EaP countries (2012, 2014) conducted by the CSF and coordinated by MAMA-86.

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