intro 008In frame of Advancing Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine for the European environmental governance reform project organized the workshop entitled “Environmental policy priorities in the context of EU integration and governmental reform in the Republic of Moldova” organized in the context of dialogue and civil society cooperation with local and central public authorities in to promotion of European Integration in the environmental field, integration of environmental requirements in priority social-economic development sectors  of country, implementation of sustainable development principles and Green Economy from Agenda 2030, as well integration of environmental related SDGs objectives and targets of relevant sectors in day-to-day activities of the institutions and in the monitoring process at local and national level.

At the event have been present 30 participants (representatives of NGOs, Central Public Authorities, Local Public Authorities, experts, media and academia) that discussed aspects related to environmental priorities in the context of ministerial reforms in Republic of Moldova, cooperation of authorities with CSOs so as the collaboration with Local Public Authorities in promoting environmental aspects at local level and partnership with institutions and actors from left bank of Dniester.

Particularly, participants highlighted the need to exist a collaboration and dialogue between Local Public Authorities – Central Public Authorities – CSOs – in order to efficiently and effectively implement the EU Agreement; reform of central and local administration planned for the future years should be not in detrimental of environmental protection; and inclusion of environmental principles in political sector of national economy.

The event concluded with a range of recommendations given to authorities presented at the event, as well that will be shared with other relevant institutions (i.e. president apparatus) with objective of enhancing environmental policies and collaboration between institutions but not its exclusion and avoidance.

The general aim of the project is to contribute to advancing reforms of the EaP countries in one of the areas covered by the EaP CSF structures; strengthen the regional perspective and bridging the emerging gaps among the EaP countries while acknowledging the different paths and contractual relations with the EU; contribute to the effective policy-making and advocacy of the objectives of the EaP CSF at the EU level.


Environmental priorities in the context of European integration and institutional reform. Veronica Lopotenco, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment

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